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EuroMaster Phone Card

Are you going to call to Europe? Looking for reliable calling cards for cheap international calls? EuroMaster phone card is a good solution. No connection fees, no activation fees and no contracts. 7 days a week multi-lingual Customer Service. Simple, convenient method of making huge savings on international phone calls.
You'll be pleasantly surprised with EuroMaster international rates! EuroMaster calling card provides the lowest long distance rates to many european countries using Toll Free Access Numbers in the US and Toll Free/Local Access numbers in Canada. For your convenience SPEED DIAL feature is also available.
Buying EuroMaster calling card online couldn't be easier. Or more secure. Just a few minutes and you'll be done. We deliver PIN instantly.



EuroMaster calling card No Connection Fee
Maintenance Fee - 59 ¢/week
Rounding - 3 minutes
Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes
Local Access Numbers - Yes (Canada)
Service Taxes & Surcharges - 14%
Pay Phone Charge - 99 ¢
Validity period - 3 Months
Prompt Languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and others

EuroMaster Dialing Instructions
1. Dial Toll Free Access Number, wait for a prompt

2. Enter PIN, wait for a prompt

3. Dial your Destination Number

International call:
011 + Country code + City code + Phone number

Domestic call:
1 + Area code + Phone number

If no connection is established in 20 seconds, press # key and dial again.

To make another call do not hang up, just press # key and dial the destination number.

Speed Dial set up Instructions:
1. Dial the access number, wait for prompt.

2. Enter PIN number, wait for prompt.

3. Dial: "#" "2" "#" [a speed dial number: 1-9] "#" [destination number] "#"
The system will confirm the number.

Example: [#] [2] [#] [5] [#] [011-888-88-88-88-88] [#]

Use Speed Dial:

1. Dial the access number, wait for prompt.

2. Enter PIN number, wait for prompt.

3. Dial: [speed dial key (1-9)] "#"

For questions regarding connection quality and exploitation detailes please contact Card's Technical Support
(the number is provided with PIN and dialing instructions for purchased cards).

This Card can be used from: Canada, USA - Continental, USA - Hawaii

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